My name is Kirk Miller, and I helped create BestEDCKnife.net. I work for Delta County SAR in the state of Colorado and have been involved with search and rescue for the better part of this century.

Kirk outdoorsI consider an EDC knife one of my indispensable tools, one that, as you can probably imagine, I use on a daily basis. Over the years, I have gone through many knives and know well what separates the good from the bad, the ones that can always be counted on from the ones you wouldn’t trust to cut open a cardboard box.

Sure, there is a lot of information on the subject out there already. But everybody is unique, and everybody’s requirements of their tools are different. I felt that with my knowledge, I could add a different and hopefully unique opinion. A point of view that will help you pick the right everyday carry knife for your individual needs.

Whenever I have to make a choice, I always appreciate any helpful advice I receive and hope that similarly, my experience can make a meaningful contribution to your decision. Having an EDC knife around that you know will never let you down is a very comforting feeling indeed.

I also always appreciate your feedback or questions. Should you have any please don’t think twice about getting in touch.

Thanks for visiting!