Not Sure What an EDC Knife Is?

“EDC” or “everyday carry” are common terms use to describe a category of knife or tactical gear products. If you’re researching knives, you probably ran into this term already. And if you’re new to knives, may be wondering what an EDC knife is, and how does it differ from other knives that are not labeled as EDCs.

First, it is important to note that EDC is just an acronym for everyday carry. They’re the same thing. An EDC product is one that is carried with you at all times and used for everyday situations. Examples of some everyday carry items include your watch, keys, wallet, and pens.

The meaning of EDC gear

Similarly, and EDC knife is something you will always have on your person and pack with your other everyday carry items. In general, EDC gear has these desirable characteristics:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional (ideally)

This makes them easy to carry and, if needed, conceal in your bag or pocket, or to attach to your belt. Everyday carry gear does not take up a lot of space. It should also be easy and quick to pull out when needed. A non-knife example would be an EDC tactical pen. They’re lightweight, durable and packed with functionality making them ideal for anyone who needs to write things down out in the field.

So, an EDC knife should be functional, pack a punch and not be a pain to carry around. A great example is the popular Spyderco Paramilitary 2, which sits atop of my Top 10 list. What makes it an excellent everyday carry knife is its lightweight (3.9 oz/111 g), its small size when closed (4.812 in/122 mm), its easy of deployment, and the insanely sharp edge the blade maintains at all times. It’s a product that’s made to be durable and withstand daily heavy use, both qualities I can personally vouch for (the Paramilitary 2 is my primary EDC). And because of how small and light it is, I can carry it around all day without feeling it takes up too much room or impedes me in any way.

An EDC is a great solution for everyone who needs a reliable knife day in and day out and doesn’t need a much larger, specialized one for the majority of their tasks. It doesn’t matter if you carry it around in your everyday gear bag, or just keep it in a toolbox or emergency kit. You’ll be glad to have as useful of a tool as an EDC knife is when the need arises. And any one of these would be an excellent choice.